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Stewardship In God's Kingdom - Part 1

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    Tettei Shahday-Annang

In this article, we will discuss the concept of giving in Christianity, including tithes, seed offering, freewill offering, and first fruits. As Christians, it is important to understand what we are giving and how to do so properly, as it is an act of stewardship in the Kingdom of God. The issue of giving has raised several questions in the body of Christ, and some are unsure whether tithing is still relevant or not. However, the Bible teaches us that God is the one who gives us the power to create wealth, and our responsibility is to use His resources wisely.

Tithing is the starting point of our giving, as it demonstrates that everything we have belongs to God. Jesus affirmed the need to give tithes to God (Matthew 23:23), and it puts Him first in our lives. Regular tithing can keep God at the top of our priority list and give us a proper perspective on everything else we have. It is not a legal obligation, but rather an act of worship and thankfulness to God for His provision. When we give our tithes, we should give the first part of our paycheck to God, even before taxes, and we should give regularly in the currency we receive. Our attitude is what counts, not the size of our gift.

In times of plenty, it is easy to take credit for our prosperity and forget that it is God who makes us wealthy. We are stewards of the resources God blesses us with, and every good and perfect gift comes from Him (James 1:17). Giving is an expression of our thankfulness and praise to God, and it shows that we trust Him completely. In the Old Testament, the people were instructed to give a tithe of their income (Deuteronomy 14:22-23; Leviticus 27:30) because it represented the first and most important portion of all they had. In the New Testament, Paul instructed the Corinthians to give "as he has prospered in proportion to what he is given" (1 Corinthians 16:2), indicating that we should give according to our income.

In conclusion, giving is an act of stewardship and worship in the Kingdom of God. Tithing is the starting point of our giving, but we should also give freewill offerings, first fruits, and seed offerings as the Holy Spirit leads us. We should give regularly, cheerfully, and sacrificially, knowing that everything we have belongs to God. Giving demonstrates our trust and obedience to God, and it is a tangible way to express our thankfulness and praise to Him.